Lockdown help

These are difficult days &  many people are struggling, so I thought I would look at some self-help tools available cheaply or for free that may help.

Firstly, this newly developed depression app is available for free here. I have had some feedback from clients about it & have been told that it is helpful: https://www.humangivens.com/2020/03/29/lift-depression-app/

Free lockdown yoga:available  online here.


This book on meditation was written by someone who used meditation successfully to manage & eventually overcome their long-standing difficulty with anxiety.

These  books were written by the people, who trained me & again I have been told by many people that they found them helpful:

anxiety book

depression book


And, of course my own book on making relationships work: 5 Steps to Lasting Love: an evidence-based guide is available free as an ebook & to buy in paperback here.

Useful articles

Managing sleep problems ( the comments section following this is particularly helpful):


Silencing your inner critic:


Disclosure: I am an affiliate of the company mentioned below & I may receive commission for purchases made through their links at no extra cost to you. This helps to fund this website— but these are products that I have a genuinely high regard for.

This company produces high quality hypnosis downloads on a range of issues including some free ones produced  specifically to help with pandemic anxiety available here. See the video below to learn more about hypnosis & how it works:

About the Author
Ann Marie Taylor is a Human Givens Psychotherapist specializing in relationships & the author of 5 Steps to Lasting Love: an evidence-based guide. She is based just outside Greystones, in County Wicklow, Ireland (sessions now available online & by phone). To book an appointment you can text or call me on: 0863549969 or, if you prefer, email me through the contact form on my website here.