Relationships come in all forms: life partners, friends, family, teachers, work colleagues, community and with ourselves. They play an important role in our overall happiness, wellbeing and fulfillment in life. Studies show that strong and lasting relationships help to contribute to long and healthy lives. Is there a relationship in your life that you struggle with and would like to improve? Are you wanting to create a relationship in your life now or in the future? This one day workshop will empower you with knowledge, skills and understanding of relationships: what makes them work, what makes the break down, how to strengthen & protect them and allow them to grow. Through exercises, information, discussion and guided imagery, you will learn how to reduce conflict, make small changes that can strengthen the quality of your relationships, understand the essentials of a strong relationships, learn skills for communicating difficult issues without hurting someone, and find out the key factors in what makes a relationship last or breakdown. Based on 40 years of research from Psychologist John Gottman’s Institute in Seattle, and drawing on the Human Givens approach to Psychotherapy, this workshop is suitable for beginners and experts alike, whether you are single or in a relationship, this workshop will empower you to create and maintain healthy and nurturing relationships, personally and professionally.

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