FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

FAQs I am currently offering sessions by phone /Zoom/Skype (or whatever platform you prefer). In my experience this works surprisingly well- especially for couples (my preference is for couples to be in separate rooms, on separate devices).

To arrange an appointment, please text me on 0863549969 or email me using the form here.

What is your approach?

My approach is evidence-based & solution-focused  (particularly drawing on psychology,  & the 40+ years of relationship research by the Gottman Institute).

What can I / we expect in the sessions?

Sessions are structured & unrushed ( I allow up to 90 minutes for each session) as I aim to provide a high quality, effective service.

Most often clients see improvements from the first session. My aim is that you need as few sessions as possible.

How many sessions will I/ we need?

Everyone is different but most of my clients have four to six session spread out over a few months (every two or three weeks- to allow time to try out the changes we have discussed). Some need fewer sessions & some choose to have ongoing support, for instance once a month.

There is no commitment, you are welcome to come for just one session and see if it fits with your needs.

What are your fees?

I charge by the session, not by hour, as session length varies (between 50 & 90 minutes long, as needed) as I aim to provide relaxed & supportive sessions – for both participants in couples counselling.

First sessions usually tend to be longer- up to 90 minutes.

These are my current fees:

Couples counselling —first session €120

Following sessions of Couples counselling €100
All other sessions/ appointments — €90

Concessions —  sliding scale (please ask)

How long is a session?

Sessions vary in length- I allow up to 90 minutes for each session as  I aim to provide a quality service where the sessions don’t feel rushed & people see results quickly.

How many sessions will I need?

This varies as everyone is different but most people see significant progress within four to six sessions- and these sessions can be spread out.

Sessions can be every two or three weeks, or as needed. People with ongoing challenging circumstances sometimes choose to come longer for support, sometimes once a month.

When are you available?

I work by appointment only on weekdays, some evenings and Saturday mornings.

How long have you done this work?

I have used this approach in my work since 2002 and have worked with people in related fields for over thirty years.

How do I book an appointment?

The easiest way is to text or call me on 0863549969 or email me using the form here.

I’m confused. Is this counselling, psychotherapy or coaching?

Counselling & psychotherapy are umbrella terms & traditionally refer to lengthy processes which focus a lot on the past. This approach is usually much shorter as it starts from where you are now & focuses on where you want to be and how to help you get there. In this it is similar to coaching.

I have an  honours degree in Psychology and am fully trained and accredited in Human Givens Therapy which is a form of Brief Solution-focused Therapy. However it has a lot in common with coaching in that a course of treatment usually lasts a few weeks or months rather than years.  As it is a brief solution-focused therapy it is future focused & each session is structured.

Human Givens Therapy targets the emotional brain & uses a range of tools & techniques to help people overcome whatever is holding them back & keeping them stuck. It is evidence-based & draws heavily on the research literature, particularly in the areas of psychology & neuroscience to understand the cause of someone’s difficulties. It combines this understanding with tools drawn from the history of effective practitioners & interventions across different related fields. It is this combination of knowledge & tools taken from different but related fields that makes it so effective.

Do you give advice?

Yes -advice that is based on the evidence. There has been a huge amount of research in the area of emotional health, wellbeing & relationships. There is evidence from both psychology & neuroscience of what helps people with emotional & stress- related conditions & what makes them worse. Human Givens Therapists believe that people working in this field should be aware of that body of research evidence and using it to advise people in distress.

So text or call me on 0863549969 – I’d love to help you!