Returning to Work

Let your light shine!

Returning to work after a long absence can be nerve-racking: wondering what other people will say or think about your absence, overcoming lost confidence, feeling unsure whether you still have what it takes.

This service is about overcoming what happens in your head, your heart & your mind that stops you from returning to & thriving at work. If there is something that is holding you back from being how you would like to be at work, or in a work-related area-this service is for you!

Whether it is bad previous experiences, a lack of confidence in certain areas; a general lack of self-esteem, a negative voice in your head, or a difficult working environment:

in any situation the one thing you can always work on is yourself: how you handle it: how you feel, think & respond -& that’s where I come in!

If you would like to overcome anxiety around returning to work, handle difficult situations better, stay focused under pressure or change how you feel or behave in specific situations, contact me -I can help!


You may not remember me but I was for a time supported by (insurance company) for sessions with Ann Marie Taylor. I remember giving a review over the phone of my experience with her but I feel that I have move forward I am better equipped to provide a more accurate evaluation. Its brief but I really wanted to show my appreciation to both yourself and Ann Marie.

The support that Ann Marie offered was amazing. I am now in a volunteer role with (charity) and I’m also looking for a new job. Considering my anxiety was so bad at that time, before there is no way I could have considered sitting in meetings with volunteers or attempt job interviews. It may not seem much to anyone, but for me it is huge. I’m sure I couldn’t have made the steps necessary forward without the counselling and support which I received from her. I don’t believe that any other counsellor could have helped me achieve the same results.

Also I would like to say thanks to you and your colleagues. I was always treated with dignity and compassion and I am sincerely grateful to you all and wish you to circulate it to anyone else that may have had dealings with my case.

- Female Client with severe anxiety