“You and what I learnt from our sessions come into my mind often and I just wanted to say a massive massive thank you as you helped me no end! You helped me open up a life I always wanted but never thought possible!! It has had such a positive impact on my life and I am so grateful ❤️. . I am still soo happy living w ( my partner) and we now have a beautiful 6 month old son  he is absolutely amazing, a gas character and a dream come true!! ..If I could send all my friends to you I would (and I do try ……. subtlety … of course) “
- Relationship Coaching -Female Client

“kept going back to the same abusive relationship for the last fifteen years. Always feeling it failed because I didn’t do enough or did the wrong thing. I had also become accepting of bad behaviour, cheating, lying was normal & I was to accept it. I also found myself reacting to some scenarios where my emotional response was more than required!
I am now out of the abusive relationship and looking to build a healthy one. Not only do I want one but I also believe I deserve one. I no longer need to accept bad behaviour and drama. I have also learnt to let go of a lot of the emotion I had built up over the years. I can now move past these bad experiences and not let them affect my current responses. I am open to dealing with the emotions while not letting it overwhelm me.
I feel that the pace at which we did the work was perfect. Thank you for helping me move on from my past & believe I deserve a better future. You have helped me a lot and I genuinely feel like a different person who deserves better “
- Relationship Coaching -Female Client

Relationship Coaching

Are you having difficulties in your relationship? Are you struggling to make it work? Or are you currently single and unhappy in your private life? Would you like to have a more satisfying private life – to come home to love & laughter? Or maybe you are finding it difficult to find “the one”? -going from one unhappy relationship to another?

If  your greatest desire is to create a close & positive relationship and/or to build a loving home & family life-relationship coaching can help!

Let me help you understand your difficulties with relationships better and why you haven’t been able to find or create the lasting happiness you seek. I will show you how to break forever the cycle of disappointment & pain and move forward, in this area of your life, to where you want to be. Whether you are married, living-together, single, gay or straight and whether you want one to one support or to come together with your partner, if you are looking for evidence-based, effective help with relationships, this service is for you.

I use a uniquely effective healing process that takes weeks or months – not years!

Right from the very first session, I will help you to clarify the barriers that have been standing in your way & start giving you the tools & knowledge you need to maximize your chances of successfully overcoming them.

I Can Help You:

  • Feel confident in your ability to create a positive, supportive relationship

  • Understand how to make a relationship work in the long-term

  • Recognize & change the internal barriers that are standing in your way

If you are confident & capable in your professional life, but find, like many people, that your private life is not as you would like it to be, this service is for you!

I believe that relationships should bring joy & light into your life. I find it heart-breaking that the reality is so different for so many people-because I’m convinced that it needn’t be.

If past hurts & pain have closed your heart to love-contact me-I can help!