Emotional health

I offer caring, confidential & effective help with stress, anxiety and issues related to trauma. The sessions are unrushed, structured, solution-focused and evidence-based and the location discrete. My work draws on my background in Psychology & training as a Human Givens Psychotherapist.

Human Givens Psychotherapy is a solution-focused, evidence-based talking therapy which offers reliable, practical help in relieving a wide range of emotional & stress-related issues.

It is goal orientated and future-focused and sessions are structured. (Read testimonials from Doctors for this approach here). Read more about this approach.


The experience of working with Ann Marie has changed me & my life for the better. It has given me focus, on what is important in my life. I have learnt self-control/belief and how to deal with people and situations that before I really struggled with. Also, it made me feel that I am a good person and can be happy. The tools that I gained from the sessions have really helped me to get my life back on track. Hand on heart, I felt at ease and that I could trust you and your judgement. Really, I can’t put into words how you have helped me. I have grown as a person and my close friends/family have all noticed the change. I highly recommend this service. People shouldn’t be afraid to look for help in my eyes and once they start opening up they will feel a weight lifting from their minds

- Male Client

  1. Everyone is different but here are some of the areas we could cover in our work together:

Identify and replace unhelpful patterns

I will help you to identify the unhelpful patterns that are keeping you stuck & replace them with more positive patterns that will serve you well; for instance, we can use motivational & performance-enhancing techniques to help you to change any attitudes or behaviours that are holding you back.

Help you put things in the past

Sometimes the emotional areas of our brain hold onto past hurts & bad experiences in a way that is unhelpful to us & keeps us stuck. I will show you how to help your brain reprocess these difficult events-& put them into long-term memory -so that they don’t keep coming up & getting in your way again, as you build a more positive future.

Providing tools & information

I can teach you how relationships work, how to raise & talk about difficult issues successfully, how to manage your emotions, how to rise to challenges calmly & competently, how to recognize the real issues underlying conflict & how to address them, the difference between healthy & unhealthy conflict, how to understand individual differences and needs in giving & receiving love, how to overcome traumatic experiences & ,most importantly, how to build the strong foundations that are essential to a close & supportive relationship.

Overcoming deeper issues

Some of what goes wrong for people in life & in relationships comes down , in the end, to unconscious, emotionally driven reactions. This is very hard to fix on your own- no amount of information & self-help can reach this stuff & this is one area where my service is especially effective: I use the most up-to-date psychological methods for addressing underlying issues. 1 to 1 coaching in this area can make all the difference. It can help you address these deeper issues & leave forever the repeating cycles of unhappiness & heart-ache.


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